HashiCorp Consul 0.8.2

HashiCorp Consul 0.8.2

May 09, 2017 | Seth Vargo

Today we are releasing Consul 0.8.2 which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.

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In addition to many bug fixes, Consul 0.8.2 includes:

  • Improved TLS configurability - easily enable client-side certificate verification, control agent-level host verification, configure cipher suites, and much more.

  • Faster Dev Mode - tuned internal timeouts to make consul agent -dev almost instantaneous!

  • Expanded API Data - local datacenter is now returned as part of most API endpoints which contain a node structure.

  • UI Improvements - updated the UI to match the new Consul branding, added optional client-side JSON validation, and updated icons.

  • Bug Fixes - some very nuanced bugs were fixed that could cause a panic during tombstone garbage collection and autopilot.

In addition to these new features, there are a ton of bug fixes and tiny improvements. Please review the v0.8.2 changelog for a detailed list of changes. As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading. Consul 0.8.2 is also available in Consul Pro and Consul Enterprise.

A special thank you to our community members who have been invaluable in adding new features, reporting bugs, and improving the documentation for Consul.

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