HashiCorp at DevOps Barcelona

HashiCorp at DevOps Barcelona

Jun 03, 2019 | Katie Reese

DevOps Barcelona is coming up and we are pleased to sponsor this community-organized conference.

There is an excellent speaker lineup and among them is HashiCorp Developer Advocate, Nic Jackson. Nic will give a demo-driven talk entitled Managing Failure in a Distributed World.

In his talk, he will walk through the areas of complexity in a system and showcase the patterns that can help adopt a distributed architecture for applications with a focus on migrating from a monolithic architecture to a distributed one.

The reality is that such a machine does not exist, and to deliver the demands of performance and availability users demand from your systems, you have to be creative in partitioning workload over multiple machines, geographic regions, and failure domains. This approach introduces complexity to systems, so expect failure and design accordingly.

Join us

In addition to his conference talk, Nic will be speaking at a HashiCorp User Group Meetup before DevOps Barcelona kicks off on Tuesday 4 June.

Nic’s talk is titled Securing Cloud Native Communication, From End User to ServiceKey, and key takeaways include:

  • An understanding of the "three pillars" of service mesh functionality: observability, reliability, and security. A service mesh is in an ideal place to enforce security features like mTLS.
  • Learn how to ensure that there are no exploitable "gaps" within the end-to-end/user-to-service communication path.
  • Explore the differences in ingress/mesh control planes, with brief demonstrations using Ambassador and Consul Connect.

Several HashiCorp engineers and community team members will be in attendance at the Meetup and the conference. We hope to connect with you there!

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