Microsoft Publishes Video Series on HashiCorp Terraform and Vault

Microsoft Publishes Video Series on HashiCorp Terraform and Vault

Sep 11, 2018 | Burzin Patel

Since announcing a multi-year collaboration with HashiCorp, Microsoft has taken strides to ensure that HashiCorp tools operate as a first class citizen on Azure’s public cloud offering. Through the work of dedicated engineers from both Microsoft and HashiCorp, there have been a number of significant new features and integrations delivered over the past 12 months. The HashiCorp Terraform provider for Azure covers the majority of Azure Resource Manager services, some of which were highlighted in May at Microsoft Build. In April, HashiCorp Vault 0.10 enabled support for a new auth method for Azure Active Directory and most recently, Vault 0.11 introduced a new secrets engine for Azure.

To highlight the growing support for Terraform and Vault, Microsoft invited HashiCorp to participate in a series of technical videos for IT practitioners. Anubhav Mishra, developer advocate for HashiCorp, and Zachary Deptawa, cloud developer advocate for Microsoft, created four videos to introduce and educate users on how these tools work together and what challenges they address. Each video provides information and resources aimed at helping users get started provisioning, managing, and securing their infrastructure in Azure.

Introduction to using HashiCorp Terraform with Azure
The first video provides an introduction to Terraform and explains how Azure can be managed using infrastructure as code. It explores some of the key terms and features of Terraform.

HashiCorp Terraform AzureRM provider and modules for Azure
This video explains to users what a Terraform provider is and how it works in relation to the Azure Resource Manager. It also covers modules and the public module registry.

Deploying scalable Java apps to Azure using HashiCorp Terraform and Packer
Featuring Brian Benz, cloud developer advocate for Microsoft, this video looks at HashiCorp Packer and Terraform and how they can both be used to deploy Java applications at scale with Spring Boot and Thyme Leaf.

Introduction to using HashiCorp Vault with Azure
The final video in this series introduces viewers to Vault. Mishra explains what a secret is and shows viewers how Vault can use the Azure Active Directory to authenticate users.

For more information about Terraform and Vault, please visit the product pages.

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