New Terraform Provider for VMware NSX-T Platform

New Terraform Provider for VMware NSX-T Platform

Apr 11, 2018 | Peter McCarron

We are excited to announce the new Terraform provider for VMware’s NSX-T platform available today. VMware users are now able to use HashiCorp Terraform for provisioning and managing NSX-T infrastructure. The NSX-T platform is ideal for customers transitioning into a containerized, multi-hypervisor, or multi-cloud environments. The Terraform provider offers support for a number of Data Sources and Resources making it easy for organizations to automate their NSX-T deployments.

» NSX-T Data Sources

With the new provider, users can configure data sources into their Terraform files. This tells Terraform where to find crucial data while it builds the specified resources. Some of the available data sources are:

  • transport_zone
  • switching_profile
  • ns_service
  • logical_tier0_router
  • edge_cluster

» NSX-T Resources

Resources are the specific components of the NSX-T platform that Terraform can now create, manage, and destroy with the new provider. Resources can be provisioned individually or grouped together as part of a larger deployment all within the same configuration file. At launch, the resources being supported by the NSX-T provider will be:

  • logical_switch
  • logical_port
  • logical_tier1_router
  • logical_router_downlink_port
  • logical_router_link_port_on_tier0
  • logical_router_link_port_on_tier1
  • l4_port_set_ns_service
  • icmp_type_ns_service
  • igmp_type_ns_service
  • ether_type_ns_service
  • alg_type_ns_service
  • ip_protocol_ns_service
  • ns_group
  • firewall_section
  • nat_rule
  • ip_set
  • dhcp_relay_profile
  • dhcp_relay_service
  • static_route

» Getting Started

For additional details and assistance getting started with this provider, VMware has published a blog and recorded a demo of a NSX-T and Terraform configuration (shown below).

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