Terraform in Atlas: GitHub Integration

Terraform in Atlas: GitHub Integration

May 26, 2015 | Seth Vargo

We are very excited to announce Atlas integration with GitHub to automatically turn Terraform configuration stored in GitHub repositories into managed infrastructure. This eliminates the need to install Terraform locally across your team of operators.

With the new GitHub integration, Terraform configurations can be changed in GitHub and applied via Atlas with rich history, auditability and collaboration.

Terraform is an open source project by HashiCorp for deploying and managing infrastructure. It supports many providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and Docker.

Atlas is HashiCorp's commercial product which allows teams to version and collaborate on infrastructure changes.

Read on to learn more about the integration and to view GitHub, Terraform, and Atlas in action.

» Managing Terraform with GitHub

Atlas will automatically pull changes made in a GitHub repostitory and run a Terraform plan that can be subsequently applied.

The Atlas UI displays information about the changes made, as well as the status and log output of Terraform running both the plan and apply steps. Terraform requires confirmation to apply changes.

Tutorial Plan

» Pull Requests

Combined with pull requests, it is possible to preview changes made during normal GitHub collaboration. This gives an opportunity to review and approve infrastructure changes, as well as show a deterministic view of those changes.

Any pull request will automatically run a plan in Atlas, marking the pull request as ready to merge upon successful Terraform plan completion. If a plan fails, the pull request will be marked accordingly.

GitHub flow

» Getting Started

You can get started with the Atlas + GitHub integration right now through our interactive tutorial.

To learn more about each step of the Atlas GitHub integration, read below.

» Terraform

Atlas uses Terraform to manage infrastructure. This means that Atlas can manage anything Terraform can manage: AWS, Google, OpenStack, Docker, etc. Improvements to Terraform by the community will improve both the commercial and open source aspects of the Atlas and Terraform.

Terraform is completely open source. One powerful advantage of this is that you can take your Terraform configuration and state and work on your own with the Terraform project manually.

Atlas is the collaboration platform for Terraform, making it safe and fun to work on infrastructure with a team. Just as version control for application code reduces the risk in making application changes, Atlas with Terraform helps reduce the risk of making infrastructure changes.

» Authenticating with GitHub

Atlas uses OAuth to authenticate and link with GitHub. Simply visit your user settings page in Atlas and click on the "Connections" tab. Atlas requires read permissions for repositories to pull configuration and write permission to configure and manage webhooks.

You can link an existing Terraform configuration to GitHub by visiting the integrations tab of the environment:

Integrations Tab

Authentication information is encrypted securely by Vault using its transit backend (AES-GCM-256). We will be publishing a more detailed blog post on how we integrated Vault into Atlas soon.

» The Future

The HashiCorp product line for managing infrastructure puts emphasis on representing all aspects of infrastructure as code. This allows for intuitive infrastructure versioning, auditability, repeatability, and collaboration.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing GitHub integration across the various components of Atlas including Packer builds. This integration brings us one step closer to the Atlas Mindset: Version Control for Infrastructure and allows teams to manage infrastructure responsibly with Atlas.

Atlas is HashiCorp's commercial product currently in tech preview. We will be announcing pricing soon. When Atlas' pricing is announced, there will be a generous free tier, so do not worry about being charged for playing with Atlas. In fact, there is no credit card required. If you are using Atlas at a larger scale and have concerns, email us at hello@hashicorp.com and we would be happy to talk with you.

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