Vagrant 1.1, VMware Fusion

Vagrant 1.1, VMware Fusion

Mar 14 2013 Mitchell Hashimoto

I'm happy to announce the release and immediate availability of Vagrant 1.1 and the long-awaited VMware Fusion provider, allowing you to use Vagrant to control machines on top of the rock solid, ultra performant VMware hypervisor.

This release introduces the concept of providers, which allows Vagrant to control machines on systems other than VirtualBox. This marks the beginning of a new era for Vagrant, an era unconstrained by the limitations of any specific provider.

The VMware Fusion provider is the first paid add-on for Vagrant from HashiCorp. The Fusion provider has already been in use with great success by hundreds of early testers looking for improved stability and performance from their Vagrant environments.

Open source providers for AWS and RackSpace are also available today.

Vagrant 1.1 can be downloaded immediately from the Vagrant website. The Fusion provider can be purchased immediately from the VMware Fusion provider page.

Vagrant 1.1

As promised, Vagrant 1.1 is backwards compatible with 1.0.x Vagrantfiles, as long as you're not using any plugins. Therefore, Vagrant 1.1 is a drop-in replacement for 1.0.x.

The provider interface is fully open source and documented, allowing for plugins to implement new providers. AWS and RackSpace Cloud plugins are already available and open source, and can be used as an example of a high-quality Vagrant plugin that implements a provider.

Vagrant 1.1 is the first release on the way to 2.0. Just as the 0.x series was experimental up until 1.0, the 1.x series will be experimental up until 2.0. This means that backwards incompatibilities to the 1.x releases will be introduced, and will stabilize for 2.0. Backwards compatibility for 1.0.x will always be retained throughout the 1.x series up to and including 2.0.

A full, detailed changelog can be found here.

VMware Fusion Provider

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