Vektra Joins HashiCorp

Vektra Joins HashiCorp

Jun 14, 2016 | Armon Dadgar

HashiCorp works to push the boundaries of modern infrastructure and microservices architectures guided by our Tao. We have been longtime fans of Vektra for their work in the same space guided by shared principles.

Today, we are very excited to announce that Vektra is now part of HashiCorp, and the entire team has joined to help work toward our vision of infrastructure automation.

» Vektra

Vektra was founded by Evan Phoenix to work on tooling and platforms for next generation infrastructures and applications. They have worked on a broad range of problems including the Tachyon configuration management tool, a distributed mailbox for messaging passing based applications, and Current.SH a multi-tenant logging solution.

The tools built by Vektra have a shared philosophy with HashiCorp, with a focus on microservices, immutability, resiliency, and communicating sequential processes. The problems they have tackled are complementary to the HashiCorp toolchain and provide solutions consistent with our vision for modern application design.

» Meet the Team

We are very excited to have the entire Vektra team join us. As mentioned, the company was founded by Evan Phoenix, who led along with Jessica Suttles and Kristen Reyes.

Evan Phoenix is joining as an engineer and will be working on the microservices that power our commercial platform Atlas. He has a rich background in systems design, having worked on the Rubinius Ruby VM, the Puma application server, and dozens of other major projects.

Jessica Suttles is also joining as an engineer and will be working alongside the Atlas team. Prior to joining HashiCorp, she was the CTO of Vektra working to deliver an streamlined experience for developers trying to integrate and use centralized logging with their Current.SH product. She is a expert in Ruby, Rails, and Ember and frequently shares her knowledge at conferences.

Kristen Reyes is joining as an operations manager on our marketing team. At Vektra she worked to bring the product to market through UX studies, marketing, promotions while managing the operations of Vektra. She will be working with our marketing team to increase the awareness of our products and to maintain the high standard for events like HashiConf.

» Building Together

While the Vektra team has only been a part of the HashiCorp for a few weeks, we are looking forward to the great things to come. Logging is a critical operational concern, both for general purpose application logging and for security uses like Vault audit logging. We are particularly excited to integrate their work on logging into our enterprise products, and confident that we can provide a world class experience consistent with our existing tools and products.

We look forward to sharing more details soon, and until then please welcome the entire Vektra team to HashiCorp!

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