HashiCorp's Product Philosophy in Open Source and Feature Minimization

Apr 01, 2019

In this edition of the L8ist Sh9y Podcast, Nic Jackson, a developer advocate at HashiCorp, tells us about the product and development philosophy of HashiCorp, and how it impacts the products and open-source components.

The section on product feature limitations and how companies go too far is especially interesting.

Topics covered include:

  • HashiCorp Overview
  • Design Philosophy (Isolated Tooling)
  • Neutral Ground (Open, Integrated Environments)
  • Engagement Model
  • Open Source Community Model
  • Software for Operators
  • Terraform De-Coupling
  • Terraform is Awesome and Horrible (Edges around Terraform)
  • Portability and Abstraction (Partial Abstractions Fail)
  • Industry Moving Fast and Tools are too Young
  • Build Set of Tools for Single Purpose (Not All Tools Solve Every Problem)
  • Adopt Tool Knowing its Role
  • Constant Workflow Across Platforms

You can also listen to this edition on rackn.com

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