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Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model

Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.

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The challenge of going multi-cloud

The shift from static and consolidated to dynamic and distributed infrastructure introduces challenges for the key people that manage infrastructure:

  • Operations

    The challenge for operations teams moving to cloud is to enable the automation through infrastructure as code while embracing the inevitable heterogeneity of different cloud providers.

  • Security

    The challenge for security professionals is to rethink the 'castle & moat' approach to perimeter-based security and reconsider security holistically across the dynamic, distributed fleet.

  • Architects & developers

    The challenge for architects and developers is to accommodate the necessary diversity of application platforms across a distributed fleet.

Your blueprint for multi–cloud adoption

How to enable operators, security, and developers to navigate the transition to cloud infrastructure.

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  • Provision
    Provision infrastructure

    For provisioning, IT ops needs to provide some constraints while maintaining the benefits of self-service.

    • Embrace infrastructure as code
      Group 13
    • Manage heterogeneity
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    • Incorporate dependencies
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    Provision with Terraform
  • Secure
    Secure applications & infrastructure

    Rather than attempting to recreate the traditional 'castle & moat' approach, security professionals should focus on addressing the following core requirements:

    • Distributed secrets management
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    • Encryption of data in flight and at rest
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    • Identity management
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    Secure with Vault
  • Run
    Run applications on any infrastructure

    The architectural goal when considering the realities of multi-cloud is to enable diversity of application runtimes across one or more infrastructure providers. Therefore, two of the primary requirements are:

    • Separation of concerns
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    • Efficient resource utilization
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    Run with Nomad
  • Connect
    Connect applications across infrastructure

    A core requirement of the cloud model is a common backbone in the form of a dynamic registry that describes where services and infrastructure components are running and allows hardware failures to be masked and mitigated. It also enables elasticity, without hard-coding or having a large portion of the infrastructure tasked with load balancing. This common backbone needs to:

    • Dynamically discover services
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    • Describe real-time configuration
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    Connect with Consul

The world's leading organizations trust HashiCorp

HashiCorp provides many of the world's most innovative companies with the infrastructure automation capabilities they need as they move to cloud.

  • "We are excited to see our deep technical partnership with HashiCorp helping to propel our DevOps practices forward at a significant pace. Moreover, we value acting as a customer advisor and contributing back to the community."

    Kieran Broadfoot, Hosting CTO

  • "The HashiCorp Product Suite provides us with modular solutions that are exceptional at what they do and will grow with us over the next decade, allowing us to provision any infrastructure for any of the applications we are developing."

    John Mitchell, Chief Development Architect

  • "Terraform enabled us to quickly boot new services and resources in a matter of minutes, a task that previously would have taken days."

    Calvin French-Owen, Co-founder

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    Run the infrastructure of your choice

    Our strategic Technology Partners are fundamental technology providers who support and deeply integrate their solutions with the HashiCorp tool chain.

    Explore Our Partners

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    HashiCorp Product Suite

    Each product addresses a focused concern for the technical and organizational challenges of infrastructure automation. This means products can be adopted one at a time or all together. We do this by enabling consistent workflows—not technologies. This enables customers to follow the same approach across their private data centers and their cloud environments.

    • Provision


      Create, combine, and manage infrastructure across multiple providers.

      Learn More
    • Secure


      Centrally store, secure, and control access to distributed secrets.

      Learn More
    • Connect


      Distributed, highly available tool for service discovery, configuration, and orchestration.

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    • Run


      Cluster manager and scheduler to deploy applications across any infrastructure.

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