New Interface Design, User Experience, and Pricing for Atlas

New Interface Design, User Experience, and Pricing for Atlas

Mar 08 2016 Cameron Stokes

We are excited to announce some great changes to Atlas, HashiCorp's Application Delivery Platform.

First released in 2014, Atlas is focused on solving the challenges of application delivery from development to production. Since its launch, Atlas's set of features continues to grow, including support for the entire HashiCorp ecosystem with a focus on self-service workflows, auditability, and flexibility to power application delivery for enterprises.

Through fantastic customer feedback and our own internal use of Atlas, we identified a few areas for improvement. These improvements better fulfill the needs of our customers and the ever-changing technology industry.

This post outlines the changes to Atlas and how those changes affect our current and future customers.

» What's Changing

Today Atlas received a completely revamped user interface. This updated interface brings a new look and feel to Atlas with clearer navigation and organizational elements, more focus on main content areas, and consistent design elements across all portions of Atlas. Users who are familiar with the websites for HashiCorp's open-source tools will immediately recognize the same look and feel in Atlas. For new users, Atlas has a new onboarding experience that makes the process painless.

Since its launch, HashiCorp designed Atlas's user experience around the entire feature set of Atlas. This includes Vagrant boxes, Packer builds, Terraform provisioning, Consul monitoring, and more. This worked incredibly well for customers using Atlas as their complete application delivery workflow, but led to a complex experience for customers that were using only a subset of Atlas. With the new user interface, the tool-specific features of Atlas receive extra focus for customers using those tools in isolation. Customers using the full suite of Atlas features can continue to use Atlas as they do today.

Consul Services

With more focus on tool-specific features of Atlas, the pricing plans for Atlas are changing as well. Again, since launch, pricing was designed for using Atlas as a complete solution for application delivery. Going forward, Atlas is available product-by-product. Customers interested only in the Terraform features of Atlas pay only for those features. Customers using only the Consul integration in Atlas pay only for Consul features. If you intend to use the full feature set offered by Atlas, you can do that too.

All Atlas customers have received a personal email outlining the pricing changes and how they specifically impact their monthly bill. If you are currently evaluating Atlas, you can contact to learn more about pricing.

» What's Not Changing

We have talked a lot about what is changing, but we also want to emphasize what is not changing for existing HashiCorp customers.

All customer agreements in place as of March 8th, 2016 will remain unaffected by pricing changes for six months per their original agreements. We are committed to honoring these agreements and hope this alleviates any concerns from our existing customers. Customers whose monthly bill decreases under the new pricing plans will be automatically converted during the next billing cycle. Customers whose monthly bill increases will remain grandfathered under their current plan.

All existing features are remaining and will continue to function as they do today (or better!). The tool-specific features of Atlas such as collaborating on infrastructure management with Terraform, Consul alerts and monitoring, and the notification system for your deployment events all remain. The integrations between our open-source tools such as artifact support between Packer and Terraform remain as well.

New User Interface

» Wrapping Up

In short, the Atlas features and open-source tools that our customers depend on to reliably and confidently deploy and manage their business-critical applications are getting some visual and user interface upgrades today. We think our customers will appreciate the updated user interface, simplified product experience, and flexible pricing plans. These changes also position HashiCorp and Atlas for more exciting enhancements in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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