Vagrant Cloud: 5 Weeks In

Vagrant Cloud: 5 Weeks In

Apr 16 2014 Jack Pearkes

Note: Neither Vagrant Cloud nor Atlas are now independent products.

5 weeks after the initial beta release of Vagrant Cloud, we're excited to announce some recent improvements, usage statistics and the public availability of an API.

We've also begun a beta for our on-premise standalone version of Vagrant Cloud we call Private Cloud. Read on for more.

» Usage so far

We're really pleased with the adoption of Vagrant Cloud in the Vagrant community. Notable users such as Chef, Puppet and Ubuntu have signed up to distribute official Vagrant boxes.

Some high level statistics we track:

  • We've seen 272,723 downloads of public Vagrant boxes via Vagrant 1.5
  • Vagrant Share proxies an average of 35k HTTP requests daily
  • We expect to pass the 10,000 user mark before the end of the month

» General Improvements

We've shipped a number of features to improve Vagrant Cloud:

  • Box favoriting. You can now track boxes by favoriting them. Favorited boxes show up on your profile and in your dashboard.
  • Authentication token management. You can now revoke and create authentication tokens for use with the API. This includes tokens created via vagrant login.
  • Expanded user profiles. Profiles now include a text field for user descriptions, as well as using your email address for an avatar url via Gravatar.
  • Session re-authentication. Any action related to your account settings requires a "fresh" session. Because of this, we were able to extend "remember me" session length. Note: We recently expired all sessions due to the Heartbleed vulnerability.
  • Box and share statistics. Boxes now display total number of downloads, and shares display the bandwidth proxied per share.


v1 of the Vagrant Cloud API has been released. The API can be used to automate release management of your boxes as well as perform CRUD operations on your boxes, versions and providers.

An example of releasing a new version:

curl \
        -X PUT \
        -d access_token=TOKEN

Comprehensive documentation and guides are available.

» Private Cloud

Vagrant Private Cloud shares the same codebase as what is running publicly on and runs completely within your firewall. It does not require an external internet connection and does not phone home.

Vagrant Private Cloud supports every feature that is available on (including a custom "vagrant share" domain!), as well as some additional features. The primary feature available to private cloud customers is optional LDAP integration, allowing you to use your existing LDAP directory to authenticate users.

If you're interested in learning more about Private Cloud, please email us at

» What's next?

Planned features include:

  • Box uploads. Uploading boxes directly to Vagrant Cloud either via the web console or the API, instead of providing a URL to the box file. This will likely be a paid feature.
  • Organizations, team management and access control. Management of organizations and teams to allow read, write and admin access to specific boxes or groups of boxes.
  • Per-box "trust" analysis. We'll be introducing a system for providing suggestions of how trustable a box is. Download numbers, favoriting, user profiles and more supports the "trustability" of a box.

As always, please email us directly with feedback or questions at

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