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Securing your Terraform Workflows: Mastering Secret Sprawl with HCP Vault Secrets in GitHub Actions 

Secret sprawl makes your organization vulnerable to credential leaks, unauthorized network access, and potential data breaches. In this session, learn how to minimize risk and reduce secret sprawl using HCP Vault Secrets with GitHub Actions as part of your HashiCorp Terraform workflow.

Join us for a live demo and learn how to set up the duo to securely manage pipeline secrets as part of your end-to-end Terraform workflow.

You’ll start by establishing a golden image pipeline with HCP Packer and enhancing Terraform module publishing with Terraform tests. Then we’ll demonstrate how to consume a Terraform Cloud API-driven workflow using best-practice GitHub Action templates.

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Learn how easy it is to add secrets management to your HashiCorp Terraform workflows with GitHub Actions and HCP Vault Secrets.


Simon Lynch
Simon Lynch

Sr. Solutions Architecture Specialist, HashiCorp