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Vault Credential Rotation for MongoDB - Europe

With HashiCorp Vault and MongoDB Atlas, developers and database administrators no longer need to worry about manual credential rotation or human error in secrets management.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Vault helps you create, rotate, and revoke MongoDB Atlas database credentials and Programmatic API Keys through an automated workflow with user-generated policies. This allows each application, service, or user to dynamically generate unique credentials to access databases.

These credentials expire after use, reducing the risk of network breaches from leaked credentials. If credentials are stolen or leaked, the same automated workflow for issuance and rotation can also automatically revoke access, seal Vault, and lock down from outside access.

Watch now to learn from product experts how Vault credential rotation security for MongoDB on Google Cloud provides:

  • Automated credential management: Streamline workflows for creating, rotating, and revoking credentials and API keys
  • Breach mitigation: Reduce the impact of breaches with expiring credentials, limiting the window for stolen or leaked credentials to be valid
  • Automated revocation: In case of theft or loss, Vault automatically revokes access and quickly seals off potential threats
  • Tailored security policies: Use user-generated policies to customize access for each application, service, or user

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Mahil El Khatib
Mahil El Khatib

Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

Zuhair Ahmed
Zuhair Ahmed

Sr. Product Manager, Developer Tools, MongoDB