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Fortanix is a data-first multicloud security company that decouples data security from the underlying infrastructure. Data remains secure whether the applications are running on-premises or in the cloud. Fortanix provides solutions for confidential computing, encryption, key management, secrets management, tokenization, and hardware security modules (HSM).

Getting Started with Vault

Fortanix Self-Defending KMS can harden and secure HashiCorp Vault by: - Master Key Wrapping: The Vault master key is protected by transiting it through the Fortanix HSM for encryption rather than having it split into key shares. - Automatic Unsealing: Vault stores its encrypted master key in storage, allowing for automatic unsealing, which is decrypted only through authorized HSM access. - Seal Wrapping: This provides FIPS 140-2 Level 2 secret storage conforming functionality for Critical Security Parameters. Note, that the Fortanix Self-Defending KMS itself is classified by NIST as a FIPS 140-2 Level 3

Fortanix Logo