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Minimize cloud waste with Terraform Automate, standardize, and govern provisioning for cost control


How is $17.6B of cloud spend wasted? [2]

Research shows that anywhere between 20%-35% of cloud costs are completely wasted. That's a minimum of $5 million wasted every day on idle and over provisioned resources. As organizations take advantage of the benefits the cloud offers, that waste will only increase. [2] [3] [4]
  • Unnecessary costs

    Idle resources, over provisioning, and orphaned resources are commonplace since organizations have limited visibility and tracking of their infrastructure.

  • Reduced productivity

    Developers are unable to reuse and collaborate for efficiency. Manual checks to ensure developers aren’t provisioning costly infrastructure beyond what they need.

  • Risk

    Lack of governance and oversight at an enterprise-wide level creates risks. There isn’t a standardized way to deploy infrastructure and there’s no single source of truth.


Terraform: one workflow to learn, secure, govern, and audit

400% ROI
Every $1 spent on Terraform saves $3-$5
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  • Control your cloud provisioning costs

    With Terraform create cost-centric policies and automatically eliminate idle resources and over provisioning. Audit logging then allows visibility to limit underutilized resources.

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  • Automate and standardize for increased productivity

    Terraform enables developers to efficently reuse and collaborate by provisioning from existing VCS, CI/CD, and ITSM workflows with approved infrastructure modules.

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  • Mitigate risk

    Use Terraform to create and enforce operational best practice policies, providing governance and oversight at an enterprise-wide level to reduce risks.

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A waste-free future


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ROI on Terraform Enterprise


Developers now able to utilize automated infrastructure provisioning

Why Terraform

A world leader in serving science is using Terraform Enterprise to reduce cloud waste and improve collaboration.

Increased efficiency and productivity throughout the organization

Improved developer productivity and mitigated risk of inadvertent errors

Policies and modules eliminate manual checks to ensure best practices

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Terraform Cloud provides infrastructure automation as a service, is free to get started, and has an in-place upgrade to paid option.