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Run Any Application on Any Infrastructure

Nomad is an easy-to-use and flexible cluster scheduler that allows you to automate the deployment of any application on any infrastructure at any scale.

Application lifecycle management for the enterprise

Nomad Enterprise enables an organization to easily and safely manage application lifecycles across regions and cloud providers.

Application lifecycle management for the enterprise
  • Write

    Declarative job files and storage in version control

  • Validate

    Changes with Nomad plans and policy as Code

  • Run

    Applications across private infrastructure and public cloud providers

    Why Companies Use Nomad Enterprise

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      Ease of Use

      Developers benefit from Nomad’s simple, declarative job specification and native support for rolling, canary and blue/green upgrade strategies. Nomad's lightweight architecture and flexibility enables an operator to easily integrate it into existing workflows, as compared to a platform-based approach.

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      Flexibility and cost savings

      Nomad is optimized for a range of workloads including microservices, batch processing and system-wide jobs. It also has comprehensive packaging support including containerized, virtualized and static binary. Clusters can span multiple operating systems including Windows and Linux to support mixed environments. Running all workloads on the same Nomad cluster enables resource consolidation and cost savings.

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      Scalability and high performance

      Nomad can schedule thousands of containers per second, deploy across hundreds of datacenters, and scale to thousands of nodes in a single region. Nomad can gracefully scale from a small experimental cluster to a large scale global cluster, avoiding the need to re-architect.

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      Collaboration and governance

      Support for multiple tenants, resource quotas and fine-grained Sentinel policies enables all teams to safely use a single, unified Nomad cluster.

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      HashiCorp synergy

      Nomad offers a familiar HashiCorp user experience and has native integrations for provisioning (Terraform), secrets management (Vault) and service discovery (Consul). Nomad’s internals benefit from a lineage of HashiCorp distributed systems hardened by years of wide adoption and at scale deployments.

      Nomad workload types

      • Docker container orchestration

        Support a first-class Docker workflow with minimal operational overhead.

      • Non-containerized workloads

        Run binaries and execute commands directly, avoiding the burden of repackaging or application rewrites.

      • Microservices

        Manage and automate the deployment of long running services, easily scaling from dozens to hundreds or thousands.

      • Batch processing

        Run analytical workloads at high throughput and has native support for Apache Spark.

      • Multi-cloud deployments

        Support regional and global deployments across private infrastructure and public cloud providers.

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      Nomad Packages

      • Open Source

        open-sourceRun any application on any infrastructureDownload Free
        • Flexible application deploymentQuestion mark
        • Rolling upgradesQuestion mark
        • Multi-region supportQuestion mark
        • HashiCorp integrationsQuestion mark
        • Access controlQuestion mark
        • Web UIQuestion mark
      • Pro Enterprise

        proEnable collaboration across teams and simplify operationsRequest Info

        All Open Source features

        • Multi-tenancyQuestion mark
        • Silver Support: 9x5 support w/ SLA
      • Premium Enterprise

        premiumSupports deployment across a large, complex infrastructure with advanced policy and governance featuresRequest Info

        All Pro features

        • Resource quotasQuestion mark
        • Sentinel policy as code frameworkQuestion mark
        • Gold Support: 24x7 support w/ SLA

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