HashiCorp Waypoint helps teams automate application deployment in multi-cloud ecosystems.

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  • Fully managed Waypoint server

    Use Waypoint’s secure and managed system for enterprise-level deployments.

  • Simplified PaaS experience

    Link to your version control system (VCS) and help developers ship applications quickly.

  • GUI for release management

    View logs, builds, and releases from across your multi-cloud infrastructure within the Waypoint UI.

  • Monitor application health

    Get real-time status updates and monitor all of your app deployments on any cloud.

Integrate with your existing workflows

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Orchestration tools

Deploy to workload orchestrators like Nomad or Kubernetes.

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Connect from anywhere

Ingest configurations from popular services like AWS, Azure, and HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, and Consul products

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Common use cases for Waypoint

  • Improve operations and efficiency

    Infrastructure and application teams have increased code release requirements and need faster, more efficient operations. With Waypoint, automating application release orchestration saves hours of engineering time weekly.

  • More reliable and stronger releases

    Application teams create numerous code launches that may not perform well due to inaccurately or inadequately provisioned infrastructure. Waypoint's plugins let users easily pass configurations between HashiCorp's products to ensure fewer problems.

  • Better application release monitoring

    It can be difficult to track the status and health of all application releases, putting teams at risk of delivering a poor customer experience. Waypoint’s GUI helps team leaders ensure that application releases provide the best end-user experience.

Get started with Waypoint

Waypoint lets developers deploy, manage, and observe their applications on any infrastructure platform. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.

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