Case Study

Operating Consul at Scale

Mar 07, 2019

HUG community member and Criteo engineer Pierre Souchay gives a case study from his company's use of Consul at massive scale.


  • Pierre Souchay

    Pierre Souchay

    Senior DevOps Engineer, Criteo

With around 35k physical nodes in 8 DCs with more than 3k different services having more than 250k instances, Criteo is a very large Consul deployment. In this presentation, you'll hear about some of their tricks and tools to operate Consul, a few issues they had, and how they fix the clusters when there are issues.

This talk was part of the first HashiTalks online event - A 24-hour continuous series of presentations from the HashiCorp User Group (HUG) community and from HashiCorp engineers as well. The event took place from February 21-22, 2019.

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