The Hardest Part of Operating a Service Mesh: Envoy Proxy

Get some observability, debugging, and tuning lessons for Envoy proxy.

Envoy Proxy has become the most popular sidecar proxy in a service mesh as observed by adoption of popular projects like Open Service Mesh, Istio, and HashiCorp Consul. Operating a service mesh in production has some pragmatic complexities, some contributed by Envoy’s underlying powerful feature set. Requests flow over the data plane proxies which means this is an important piece of technology to understand how to operationalize, debug, tune, and observe.

What You'll Learn

In this talk, Christian Posta shares his experience supporting customers on Envoy-based technology both at the edge and in a mesh. Here are some of the things you'll learn to do from this talk:

  • Understand which telemetry signals to watch for config sync issues, CPU, and memory pressure
  • Enable access logging and enhancing it with dynamic metadata
  • Debug connectivity issues with Envoy logs, metrics
  • Tune for cloud environments with keep-alive settings

Attendees will leave with a better confidence in running Envoy-based technology in production.

Speaker: Christian Posta

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