Recorded Webinar

The Journey to Hybrid Cloud with Cisco ACI and HashiCorp Terraform

Learn about how your organization can leverage Cisco ACI and HashiCorp Terraform in hybrid cloud environments in this recorded session from the Maximizing Cloud Efficiency virtual roadshow.

There are two fundamental transformations underway in Enterprise IT. First, the rise of DevOps is increasing agility while decreasing time-to-value for business-critical applications. In parallel, the rapid adoption of public cloud has given birth to the Cloud Operations team and the cloud-native paradigm. Despite these transformations, due to data security and compliance requirements, most enterprises will continue to operate traditional on-premises data centers. In this new world of hybrid cloud, Cloud Operations and Network Operations are collaborating to build infrastructure supporting cloud-native, distributed, disaster recovery, and as-a-service applications.

For the Network Operations team, a common challenge is the lack of parity between traditional network and cloud network forwarding concepts and policy-models leading to complexity, error-prone manual deployments, and configuration drift. In this session, we’ll explore the factors creating these inefficiencies and how to optimize them by unifying the policy-model with Cisco ACI while standardizing configurations using Infrastructure as Code and Hashicorp’s Terraform.

To view more recorded sessions from the Maximizing Cloud Efficiency Roadshow, follow the link here.

  • Jim Mathers
    Jim MathersEngineering Product Manager, Cloud Networking Group

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