New Terraform Provider for Oracle Cloud Platform

New Terraform Provider for Oracle Cloud Platform

Mar 29, 2018 | Peter McCarron

We are proud to announce the availability of a new Terraform provider for Oracle Cloud Platform. Users of Oracle Cloud can incorporate the “Infrastructure of Code” methodology of Terraform for provisioning and managing their cloud environments. The provider supports cloud-based resources including Oracle Database Cloud Services and Java Cloud Services.

» Oracle Database Cloud Services

Oracle Database Cloud Services is an enterprise solution that offers workload support for both dev/test and production environments. Those who rely on Oracle databases for application backend storage can now configure and manage new instances on demand. Access Rules can also be applied for controlling which applications have access to which databases. Single Instance, RAC, Snapshots, and Backup support are also fully configurable via Terraform.

» Java Cloud Services

Oracle Java Cloud Services provide tools and resources to deploy Java based applications. The Terraform provider allows users to configure these services for hosting those applications ranging from a single instance to a multi-node cluster with load balancing capabilities. Access Rules can be applied during provisioning to ensure applications have access to the information they need.

» Roadmap and Additional Resources

We are excited the release of the Oracle Cloud Platform provider with these initial resources. In the future we plan to add more services including MySQL Service Instances and Application Containers.

For additional information on how to configure the new Terraform provider on Oracle Cloud Platform, a blog has been published by the Oracle team with instructions. A webinar recording that provides an overview of Terraform and Oracle Cloud PaaS is also now available in the HashiCorp resource library. For those looking to learn more about Terraform visit the HashiCorp Terraform Page.

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