Terraform Enterprise SaaS Has A New Address

Terraform Enterprise SaaS Has A New Address

Feb 20, 2018 | Jeremy Voorhis

We are pleased to announce that Terraform Enterprise SaaS will now be made available on https://app.terraform.io. Terraform Enterprise SaaS provides the best experience for teams collaborating on Terraform.

In December 2017 we announced the General Availability release of Terraform Enterprise and the decommissioning of Atlas. The “Atlas” brand has been renamed to Terraform Enterprise and the features being developed are focusing on Terraform. However, Terraform Enterprise SaaS continued to be hosted on https://atlas.hashicorp.com.

» A Smooth Transition for Atlas Customers

No immediate action is required as we are committed to servicing requests at both the old Atlas and new Terraform domains. We understand that no useful software exists in a vacuum, and many customers have come to rely upon Atlas’s webhooks and API integrations to support their workflow.

Going forward, users should access their accounts at https://app.terraform.io. Beginning February 22nd at 9AM PST, web requests to the legacy Atlas UI hosted at atlas.hashicorp.com will be redirected to the new domain, at which point they will be prompted to login again. Customers are encouraged to update their integrations to reflect the domain name change as they upgrade their workspaces to the V2 API.

While HashiCorp may decommission the legacy Atlas domain in the future, customers will be proactively notified and will be provided with a grace period before this change takes effect.

Finally, to all HashiCorp customers who have provided feedback and improvements to Terraform Enterprise, thank you! HashiCorp is committed to making Terraform Enterprise the best platform to provision any infrastructure for any application on any cloud, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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