HashiCorp Terraform

A workflow to provision infrastructure for private cloud, public cloud, and external services. Build reusable Terraform templates to define the topology of infrastructure using code. Terraform include 125+ infrastructure providers, 1000+ resources, and 1200+ contributors.

HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise

Available as a SaaS or private install, Terraform Enterprise provides collaboration and governance capabilities. For teams of operators, it enables collaboration on infrastructure and a central service registry to publish and discover infrastructure modules. For organizations, it enables policy and governance to confidently provision at scale.  

Use Cases

Infrastructure as code

Terraform uses an infrastructure as code approach to provide effective, reusable, and safe infrastructure provisioning automation. This approach enables operators to increase their productivity, move quicker, and reduce human error.

Multi-cloud management

Terraform provides one consistent workflow for developers and operators to provision resources on any infrastructure provider. One workflow to learn increases user productivity, and also reduces organizational risk as that becomes one workflow to secure, one workflow to audit, and one workflow to govern.

Self-service infrastructure

A self-service model allows developers to pick the infrastructure best suited to run their application and provision it on-demand and in a predictable and consistent way throughout the lifecycle of application development. Terraform allows operators to create modules of infrastructure that can be reused by developers to provision the infrastructure of their choice without needing to know how to write Terraform configurations.

  • Automation through codification

    Create, share, collaborate, and provision infrastructure using code.

  • Workflows, not technology

    Use a consistent workflow to provision infrastucture while preserving uniqueness of each provider.

  • Open and extensible

    Leverage OSS providers for broad support of common infrastructure and exstensible to custom providers.

Terraform Features

Open source addresses technical complexity for practitioners. Enterprise addresses organizational complexity for collaboration and governance. 

Trusted By

Organizations globally trust Terraform to provision their architecture at scale.

  • "Terraform enabled us to quickly boot new services and resources in a matter of minutes, a task that previously would have taken days."

    Calvin French-Owen, Co-founder

  • "The HashiCorp Product Suite provides us with modular solutions that are exceptional at what they do and will grow with us over the next decade, allowing us to provision any infrastructure for any of the applications we are developing."

    John Mitchell, Chief Development Architect

  • "We are excited to see our deep technical partnership with HashiCorp helping to propel our DevOps practices forward at a significant pace. Moreover, we value acting as a customer advisor and contributing back to the community."

    Kieran Broadfoot, Hosting CTO

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