Terraform Background

Provision any infrastructure for any application

Terraform provides a consistent workflow for operators to provision infrastructure across public cloud, private cloud, and external services.

Why operators use Terraform

  • Infrastructure as code

    Enable automation and configuration reuse to quickly and safely provision infrastructure at any scale.

    • Human readable HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL)
    • Separate plan and apply phase
    • Declarative configurations
  • Cloud platform management

    A workflow to provision and manage any infrastructure without losing the full capabilities of each cloud.

    • 70+ infrastructure providers
    • 1000+ resources
    • Automatically reconcile dependencies
  • Self-service infrastructure

    Provide verified modules to give Terraform users easy access to templates to set up and run their cloud-based infrastructure.

    • Module Registry with public UI
    • Modules contributed by community & providers
    • Clean code for simple reuse
    Provision any infrastructure as code

    Why organizations use Terraform Enterprise

    • Collaborate on Infrastructure

      Enable operations teams to integration with version control systems and collaborate on infrastructure via a web-based UI.

      • Increase operator efficiency
      • Increase developer productivity
    • Governance over Infrastructure

      Enable central IT teams to provide governance over infrastructure, at scale across their organization with policy as code management.

      • Enforce controls over infrastructure
      • Minimize exposure to security vulnerabilities

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