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HashiCorp Cloud Platform

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

How are you controlling cloud costs?

94% of companies overspend on cloud — but you don’t have to. Build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure lifecycle the right way by enforcing policies, boosting productivity, sharpening visibility, and removing unneeded resources. Instantly.

Simplify with a single workflow

Use infrastructure as code to automate and manage all environments


Establish a strong foundation for Infrastructure Lifecycle Management with a consistent approach to building your environments.

  • Define your infrastructure and images as code

  • Leverage an ecosystem of 4,000+ providers

  • Connect to VCS for source code collaboration

  • Publish approved configurations to a library


Provision the infrastructure needed to deploy an application — then schedule and make it happen.

  • Enforce policy guardrails before infrastructure is provisioned

  • Integrate with your DevOps tools natively

  • Add third-party partner integrations or custom services with run tasks

  • Build a golden image pipeline

  • Provide a golden path with an internal developer platform for self-service


Provide a system of record for all infrastructure, images, workloads, and applications in one platform for visibility and management.

  • Track usage and health of infrastructure and images across your organization

  • Create a full history of provisioning changes and user activity

  • Destroy temporary resources automatically

  • Continuously monitor for changes in actual infrastructure against the expected state

  • Get alerts when issues are detected and resolved


Provision and manage any infrastructure across your organization

HashiCorp Terraform helps organizations maximize their infrastructure investments with a standardized automated workflow to provision cloud, private datacenter, and SaaS infrastructure and continuously manage everything throughout its lifecycle.

  • Infrastructure as codeDefine your desired configuration of resources with access to thousands of different providers.
  • Infrastructure system of recordTrack all your resources and gain insights with a consolidated view.
  • Lifecycle managementContinuously optimize your operations to cut costs, improve speed, and reduce risks.

Standardize image workflows across cloud providers

HashiCorp Packer provides organizations with a single workflow to build images for cloud and private datacenters and continuously manage them throughout their lifecycle.

  • Images as codeCollaborate across teams to define your desired configuration of images.
  • System of recordTrack and govern images across cloud and on-premises environments and standardize versions for use.
  • Lifecycle managementAutomate policy and revocation to continuously optimize cloud resources and mitigate risk.

Modern application scheduling for any type of software

Manage containers, binaries, and VMs efficiently in the cloud, on-premises, and across edge environments.


Internal developer platforms made easy

Let platform teams deliver golden patterns and workflows to manage applications at scale in any environment.

Accelerate your cloud journey

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