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HashiCorp Training

HashiCorp tools provide the technical foundation for businesses and carry a significant amount of responsibility, and we want to ensure all the tools are used properly and safely. Training is an opportunity to learn today's best practices and have direct dialogue with HashiCorp engineers.

Upcoming Training Courses

Why HashiCorp Training?

As you evaluate attending a HashiCorp training, it may be valuable to understand the motivations and intentions for our work overall and the trainings themselves. If you have not yet read the Tao of HashiCorp, please start there to understand our overall vision, driving motivations behind our products, and intentions for our work. This writing explains our motivations for offering training specifically.

HashiCorp tools continue to surge in adoption, and we are committing a significant amount of resources towards developing best practices materials. Since HashiCorp tools provide the technical foundation and workflows for organizations and carry a significant amount of responsibility, we want to ensure all the tools are used properly and safely. Since some users learn better with interactive, in-person dialogue rather than one-way communication through documentation and guides, training is one aspect of this effort to promote best practices.

The tools produced by HashiCorp are simple, modular, and composable components that solve specific problems in an elegant way. For example, Terraform solves the specific problem of infrastructure management using graph-based approach to manage the lifecycle of infrastructure resources in a safe, efficient, and intuitive manner. Documentation and guides make it easy to understand how Terraform works and how it can be used to specifically manage infrastructure. However, one-way communication like documentation and guides often struggles to explain Terraform holistically – the foundation for its design, intended use cases, best practices and most importantly, how it fits into the overall application delivery workflow. Trainings present the ideal opportunity for two-way communication to help users understand how Terraform should be properly used, and how it should fit into the organization's larger application delivery workflow.

We offer two types of training – public and private. Each training opportunity is carefully crafted to maximize time, value, and learning potential for students. The training courses are delivered by experienced HashiCorp engineers who actively work and contribute to the HashiCorp ecosystem.

Public Training

Private Training