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HashiCorp Trade Controls

HashiCorp, its products, and the information you enter into HashiCorp’s products and services may be subject to United States (U.S.) and international trade control regulations, including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

To comply with the U.S. and international trade control regulations, HashiCorp has implemented certain required changes to some of our products and services. We will continue to update and make changes to our products and services as trade control regulations evolve, and will stay up to date on the latest developments.

We are providing this information for your convenience, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your use of our products and services complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including U.S. export control regulations.


U.S. laws and regulations may impose various restrictions, including embargoes and sanctions, against certain jurisdictions (i.e., country-specific) or targeted parties (i.e. party-specific) with focus on specific individuals and/or entities.

For more information, please review the U.S. Department of Treasury Sanctions Programs and Country Information and the Department of Commerce Sanctioned Destinations.

Export Overview

Under the terms and conditions that govern the access and use of our products and services, users are required to do so in compliance with applicable law, including U.S. export control and sanctions laws.

U.S. and international trade control laws restrict HashiCorp from making certain of our products and services available to users in certain countries and territories. Persons in these countries and territories are prohibited from using IP proxies, VPNs, or other methods to disguise their location when accessing our products and services.

There are also some instances where HashiCorp chooses not to make its products or services available in certain other countries and territories.

Frequently Asked Questions