Jeff Mitchell Joins HashiCorp

Aug 27 2015 Mitchell Hashimoto hiring

Jeff Mitchell is now an employee of HashiCorp!

Jeff is joining as an engineer. He has been a contributor to many of the projects in the HashiCorp suite previously, and is now focused on driving the Vault project and supporting its growing ecosystem.

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Burzin Patel Joins HashiCorp

Aug 24 2015 Mitchell Hashimoto hiring

Burzin Patel is now an employee of HashiCorp!

Burzin is joining as VP of Product Management and brings a rich set of experiences ranging from product management, operations, go-to-market strategy and technical product marketing.

At HashiCorp, Burzin will be focusing on product management across the HashiCorp product suite. He will be working closely with our key customers and strategic partners to enhance HashiCorp products to ensure a delightful user experience and help realize the HashiCorp vision.

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Improved Terraform State Management in Atlas

Aug 17 2015 Jack Pearkes atlas, terraform

Terraform remote state enables teams to collaborate when using Terraform, saving the state of your infrastructure as changes are made and resources are added and removed. It stores infrastructure identifiers, dependency information and attributes referenced across configuration.

Atlas provides a remote state API to store this state, and allows teams to modify infrastructure from Atlas or operator machines while sharing changes made.

We've made some major improvements to remote state management in Atlas, making it clearer what is changing and how to rollback to previous versions. Read on to learn more!

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Cameron Stokes Joins HashiCorp

Aug 4 2015 Mitchell Hashimoto hiring

Cameron Stokes is now an employee of HashiCorp!

Cameron is joining our team of solutions engineers. He is bringing his experience in enterprise environments to help customers execute proof of concepts and to smoothly onboard Atlas and the portfolio of open source HashiCorp tools.

Cameron is located in Seattle, WA where he lives with his wife, Rhonda, and their two dogs, Einstein and Ada. If you are in the Emerald City send him a tweet to chat about all things HashiCorp.

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Jon Thomas Joins HashiCorp

Aug 3 2015 Mitchell Hashimoto hiring

Jon Thomas is now an employee of HashiCorp!

Jon is joining as our first designer. He is the oldest employee of HashiCorp, by creating the identity for Serf. He has since been responsible for the identity of all the open source projects, our commercial Atlas product and now is working on HashiConf.

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