Professional Services

Advance your cloud journey - and reduce risk

HashiCorp’s expert professional services team helps implement your cloud strategy. Work with our skilled product experts to expedite the adoption of our products, and to better position your organization for long-term success.

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HashiCorp Professional Services
  • Structured projects within the customer journey

  • Fixed scope, price, start and end dates

  • Accelerate customer adoption

  • Build with reference architectures

  • Proven best practices

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Why companies like yours choose HashiCorp professional services

  • Accelerated onboarding

    HashiCorp's implementation programs are designed to expedite your success journey, imparting best practices, and resilient deployments of HashiCorp software.

  • Structured planning

    Our project plans and work product suit popular DevOps lifecycles. The team maps discovery, design, build and validation phases to common organizational needs.

  • Product experts

    Implementation engineers have a wealth of tactical and practical experience with the HashiCorp products. These experts are your trusted advisors during implementation.

  • Deep product knowledge

    Our practices are tightly aligned with our product management organization, giving you direct proximity to cloud innovation.

  • Experienced deployment specialists

    By partnering with us on a project, you’ll tap into a deep and wide-ranging skills network to help achieve your business goals with cloud.

  • Project management

    Our comprehensive project plans lay out our 20-day and 30-day packages to guide you through deployment and adoption of our solutions.

Meet your business goals with our services

We offer three types of services. Each type features our expert engineers and solution architects. Our experienced professionals use reference architectures and proven best practices to deliver design, build, validation and go-live project phases. What’s more, these integrated services projects include product orientation, design, delivery and implementation based training and operations-focused workshops.

  • FastTrack

    FastTracks are specialized implementation projects that focus on deployment, configuration, and adoption.

  • ExpertTrack

    ExpertTracks are advanced implementation projects that drive maturity in customer use cases and operations at scale.

  • Resident Solution Architects

    Resident Solution Architects help CxOs assess and execute delivery of current and planned utilization of HashiCorp’s products. This program provides dedicated resources, including a Resident Cloud Specialist, Services Engineer and Services Project Manager, to execute mission critical HashiCorp workstreams over a calendar year.

FastTrack and ExpertTrack services

HashiCorp offers a variety of services to help you accelerate your cloud journey, no matter where you are today. View detailed descriptions of each service at the links below.

EnterpriseStandard EnterprisePremium Contact us
cloudFundamentals EnterpriseStandard EnterprisePremium enterpriseUse case design enterpriseTopology Tune-up
CloudFundamentals EnterpriseStandard EnterprisePremium Enterprise/CloudSentinel beginner Enterprise/CloudTerraform modules at scale

Resident Solution Architect Package

HashiCorp Employees

Choose this package and you will collaborate with a skilled and trusted team of HashiCorp staff lead by the Resident Solution Architect (RSA). The RSA packages are designed to help enterprise leaders accelerate the realization of their cloud operating model. This is achieved by the RSA materializing the vision, defining the strategy required to execute, and ensuring its orchestration.

The RSA’s ultimate goal: to accelerate your adoption of HashiCorp’s solutions. 

The RSA will work consultatively with stakeholders across your organization to drive a top down strategy for excellence with HashiCorp products, and deliver use case outcomes that you can scale across your company. If applicable, the RSA will orchestrate consumption of HashiCorp Services Credit Plans, which are redeemable for HashiCorp Professional Services offerings.

Choose the right Resident Solution Architect based on your specific objectives and implementation timeline: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.

Certified professional partners

HashiCorp Specialized Partner 2 badge

We work exclusively with Professional Service Partners that have achieved our "Badge of Distinction" by completing certain business and capabilities requirements around our products. Those deemed by HashiCorp to be in a Specialized and/or Hyper-Specialized tier attain authorized professional services partner status and are considered certified in HashiCorp products.

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