Standardize application patterns and workflows to enable developers at scale

Enable platform teams to deliver golden patterns and workflows to manage applications at scale in any environment.

  • Standardize application patterns and get developers running quickly

    Enable application developers to initialize new applications quickly, all built on standard templates. Templates are defined by platform operators using HashiCorp Terraform and can cover multiple different cloud providers, environments, and application stacks.

  • Manage application dependencies easily

    Developers understand the requirements of their application, such as dependencies like MySQL and Redis, but don’t care about the details of how they are provisioned. Developers can specify their application dependencies easily, and platform operators can define how these dependencies are provisioned using standardized templates.

  • Execute golden workflows to build, deploy, and beyond

    Platform teams define golden workflows for actions such as building an application, deploying to production, performing a rollback, and other workflows. Developers can execute these workflows with a simple UX, while being abstracted from the details. When issues happen, workflows can be inspected to avoid a black box. HCP Waypoint integrates with your existing CI/CD systems, while providing a consistent abstraction layer.

  • Consistent and actionable application catalog

    Platform and operations teams need a catalog of applications, golden paths and workflows. Having a central catalog of the applications and associated metadata enables teams to quickly answer operational questions.

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