Manage secure user access across any environment

Access any system from anywhere with identity-based security that won’t expose your network.

  • Safeguard remote access for critical systems

    HashiCorp Boundary’s identity-based security reduces your attack surface through just-in-time credentials and passwordless authentication.

  • Improve developer velocity with automated access workflows

    Standardize access to environments with automated target location discovery for hosts and user lifecycle management.

  • Protect credentials using Vault

    Boundary’s native integration with HashiCorp Vault provides industry-leading secrets management capabilities.

  • Reduce insider threats

    Restrict access to only authorized resources based on role and groups.

Extend Boundary across your IT environment

Boundary centralizes remote access management and secures access to infrastructure resources residing on any public or private cloud environment. Easily integrate with leading identity providers like Okta, Ping, and Azure Active Directory and support numerous service registries to automatically discover and maintain an updated inventory of target hosts and services.


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Get started with Boundary

Boundary uses identity to secure remote access to hosts and services across any environment. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.