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Standardize secure remote access

Connect users and manage access across any environment with identity-based security.

Identity-based controls to connect users and manage their access

Built for cloud, modern privileged access management from HashiCorp Boundary uses identity-driven controls to secure user access across dynamic environments.

Authenticate and authorize

Use trusted identity providers for single sign-on access and authorization based on roles and logical services.


Connect to dynamic infrastructure like virtual machines, Kubernetes, and databases.


Provide users with least privileged access to networks, permissions, and credentials.

  • Reduce the risk of a breach

    Improve security posture using trusted identities and just-in-time credentials. Use Boundary to inject credentials into sessions for password-less access without exposing secrets to users.

  • Increase productivity

    Boost developer velocity and reduce time spent using manual workflows and multiple tools to manage access to systems and resources. Use Boundary to automate the process of onboarding new or changed infrastructure resources.

  • Gain efficiency

    Reduce or eliminate bastion hosts and VPNs. Use Boundary to scale infrastructure with dynamic access management across clouds, users, and systems.

  • From securing the perimeter to authenticating access based on identity

    With the shift to cloud and hybrid infrastructure, companies no longer manage static IT estates with trusted perimeters. Instead, networks and IP addresses can’t be trusted, and every application and user could pose a threat within the perimeter. That’s why organizations are adopting identity-based security architectures built on the foundation of zero trust. With Boundary, organizations reduce risk by:

    • Authenticating every user and authorizing access 

    • Automatically onboarding new services

    • Providing time-bound, least privileged access to users 

    • Maintaining auditable records of all activities to enhance compliance

  • Expand your identity-based security toolkit

    HashiCorp’s suite of security and networking products help organizations adopt best practices for zero trust security by: 

    • Securing secrets and sensitive data with Vault

    • Managing secure remote user access with Boundary

    • Discovering and securely connecting services with Consul

Extend Boundary across your IT environment

Integrate trusted identity providers like Okta, Ping, and Azure Active Directory to authenticate into Boundary. Use dynamic host catalogs to automatically discover and maintain an updated inventory of resources and services.


Partners, integrations, and services


Partner plugins

Secure remote user access with Boundary

Boundary simplifies secure user access management. Get started for free and let HashiCorp manage Boundary in the cloud. Or explore our self-managed offering to deploy Boundary in your own environment.