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Standardize service networking

Discover and securely connect any service across any runtime with identity-based service networking.

Service networking to discover and securely connect all your services

HashiCorp Consul provides organizations with identity-based service networking for service discovery, secure communication, and network automation across multiple cloud and runtime environments.


Consul provides a dynamic service directory for multi-cloud, Kubernetes, VMs, and on-premises environments to enable service registration, discovery, and monitoring.


Consul's service mesh ensures secure and authorized service-to-service communication, offering encryption, observability, and resilience for application traffic.


Consul automates complex networking tasks like load balancers, firewalls, gateways, VPNs, and more to streamline application deployment and Day 2 operations.


Consul enables scalable service networking solutions for organizations dealing with challenges of networking across multiple datacenters while ensuring global visibility and control.

  • 41% faster development lifecycle

    Accelerate service deployment and scaling with multi-platform service discovery and health monitoring capabilities.

  • 26% increase in operational efficiencies

    Optimize operations through centralized management and automation, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Reduce risk and enable least privileged access

    Adopt modern application networking and zero trust practices using identity-based authorization and service-to-service encryption.

Testimonials for Consul

  • With Consul developers can now request an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster through a self-service portal and have everything they need for their deployment such code, scripts, APIs from days to less than 30 minutes.

    Sriram Govindarajan

    Mercedes | Principal Infrastructure Engineering

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Customer Success Story

At the speed
of sound


Services discovered, automated discovery for any scale

10 min

Application rollout time, accelerated from several days


Integrations with connected services

Why Consul

Consul enables us to fully automate networking tasks across our datacenter environment to provide improved, self-service alternatives to the most time-consuming aspects of our work and significantly accelerate application delivery.

Hashicorp Products Used

Enabled self-service for developers to deploy services
Reduced lead time of launching services from days to minutes
Helped simplify and bring observability to a developer's deployment experience
Created a powerful additional way for developers to operate with least privileges by default
  • From securing the perimeter to authenticating identity

    With the shift to cloud and hybrid infrastructure, companies no longer manage static IT estates with clear perimeters. Instead, networks and IPs can’t be trusted, and each application and user could pose a threat. That’s why organizations are adopting identity-based security architectures built on the foundation of zero trust. With Consul, organizations reduce risk with:

    • Identity-based access for uniform service networking policies 

    • Encrypted and authorized service-to-service communication

    • Centralized and granular access control

    • Consistent security across multiple clouds and runtime environments

  • Build your identity-based security toolkit

    HashiCorp’s suite of products for security and networking help organizations adopt best practices for zero trust security: 

    • Manage secrets and sensitive data with Vault

    • Manage secure remote user access with Boundary

    • Discover and securely connect services with Consul

Extend Consul across your IT environment

Consul provides a single control plane to enable a broad ecosystem for service networking.




Partner integrations

Get started with Consul

Consul simplifies cloud security automation on fully managed infrastructure. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.