Automate service networking across clouds. Discover and securely connect any service on any runtime.

Testimonials for Consul

  • With Consul developers can now request an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster through a self-service portal and have everything they need for their deployment such code, scripts, APIs from days to less than 30 minutes.

    Sriram GovindarajanPrincipal Infrastructure Engineering,
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Automate networking for simple and secure app delivery across clouds

HashiCorp Consul helps organizations securely connect and observe applications using service discovery and service mesh patterns.

  • Increase application resiliency and uptime

    < 1 minute to discover new services

    Instantly discover new services with a centralized registry, and perform health checks to keep microservices online and performing as expected.

  • Accelerate application deployments

    <30 minutes to deploy an application

    Reduce app deployment times by automating load balancing updates, firewall changes, and other complex networking tasks.

  • Improve security across service-to-service communications

    Connect 50,000+ microservices

    Run a consistent platform for modern application networking and security with identity-based authorization, L7 traffic management, and service-to-service encryption.

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Customer Success Story

At the speed
of sound


Services discovered, automated discovery for any scale

5 min

Application rollout time, accelerated from several days


Integrations with connected services

Why Consul

Consul enables us to fully automate networking tasks across our datacenter environment to provide improved, self-service alternatives to the most time-consuming aspects of our work and significantly accelerate application delivery.

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Hashicorp Products Used

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Enabled self-service for developers to deploy services

Reduced lead time of launching services from days to minutes

Helped simplify and bring observability to a developer's deployment experience

Created a powerful additional way for developers to operate with least privileges by default

How Consul works

Consul provides a central control plane to enable multi-cloud networking for dynamic environments. Adopt a central service registry to provide a real-time directory of running services. Deliver network infrastructure automation to reduce ticketing systems. Deploy a service mesh to securely connect services.
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  • Discover

    HashiCorp Consul provides a single source of truth to discover and connect services by creating a central registry for all applications. Consul dynamically registers/deregisters services as changes are made and provides real-time health checks on whether those services are reachable or not.
  • Automate

    HashiCorp Consul enables networking infrastructure automation across any environment. Leveraging integrations with the most networking vendors, Consul can automate common networking tasks, reducing the burden on operators and eliminating ticketing systems.
  • Secure

    HashiCorp Consul provides identity-driven controls to ensure zero-trust security across any environment. Consul secures and encrypts connections, and enables operators to define approved traffic patterns based on service identity.
  • Access

    HashiCorp Consul's API Gateway securely routes external client requests to internal services running on Consul's service mesh. Consul simplifies the user experience to consistently manage both north-south with east-west traffic.

Extend Consul across your IT environment

Consul provides a single control plane to enable a broad ecosystem for service networking

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Next steps

HCP Consul simplifies cloud networking automation on either self-managed or fully managed infrastructure. Get started for free, and pay only for what you use.