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Deploy and Manage Any Application on Any Infrastructure with Ease

Nomad is a simple, flexible, and production-grade workload orchestrator that enables organizations to deploy, manage, and scale any application, containerized, legacy or batch jobs, across multiple regions, on private and public clouds.

Unified Workload Orchestration for Dynamic Infrastructure

Static Infrastructure

Infrastructure is managed on a per application basis.

»Traditional Approach

  • Dedicated servers
  • Manual and inconsistent deployment workflows
  • Low resource utilization

Dynamic Infrastructure

A common pool of infrastructure is shared across mixed applications

»Nomad Approach

  • A resource pool across on-prem and clouds
  • Unified and automated deployment workflows to run mixed workloads
  • Optimized resource utilization with bin-packing

A Simple Approach to Deploy Modern and Legacy Applications

Easy to deploy, use, and operate

Easy to deploy, use, and operate

Single lightweight binary that integrates into your existing infrastructure. Define your application deployment with declarative infrastructure-as-code HCL. Easy to operate on-prem or in the cloud with minimal operational overhead.

Orchestrate any applications - not just containers

Orchestrate any applications - not just containers

Run your microservices, docker containers, batch workloads, and legacy applications on Linux and Windows entirely through Nomad.

Reduce the Friction in Multi-Cloud Deployments

Reduce the Friction in Multi-Cloud Deployments

One single unified workflow for deploying to bare metal or cloud environments. Move applications with zero downtime across multi-cloud environments, transparently to developers.

Accelerate Incremental Application Modernization

Accelerate Incremental Application Modernization

Achieve immediate results by bringing orchestration benefits to existing applications. Migrate at your own pace to avoid the risk of big-bang refactor. Keep a single consolidated workflow before, during, and after Modernization.

Federation Made Real

Federation Made Real

A single interface to deploy and manage applications to federated Nomad clusters. Achieve simple and elegant federation without the architectural complexity and overhead of running clusters on clusters.

Nomad Case Studies

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Scale a global gaming platform easily and reliably with Nomad to serve 100 million monthly active users

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Deploying 1,000s of Batch Workloads Per Second With Cloud Bursting and Federation

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Continuous Application Delivery for 8,000 Developers Through Shared Services Platform

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How Nomad Works

Nomad is a single binary, both for clients and servers, and requires no external services. It is designed to natively handle multi-datacenter and multi-region deployments and is cloud agnostic.

Developers define application deployment requirements, constraints, and preferences using Nomad’s job specification. Severs accept jobs, and make fast and intelligent placement decisions with parallelled schedulers via bin-packing, and deploy jobs onto clients. Nomad handles failure automatically and will auto-migrate applications to alternate clients when outage occurs.

Nomad Open Source and Enterprise Features

Nomad Open Source addresses the technical complexity of workload orchestration in the cloud, on-prem, or on hybrid infrastructure.

Nomad Enterprise addresses the organizational complexity of multi-team and multi-cluster deployments with collaboration and governance features.