Nomad Background

Unlocking the cloud operating model

Deploy and Manage Any Containerized, Legacy, or Batch Application

Nomad is an easy-to-use and flexible cluster scheduler that enables an organization to automate the deployment of any application on any infrastructure at any scale.

Why Developers and Operators Use Nomad

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    Application Deployment

    Decouple application deployment from the infrastructure lifecycle. Automate application placement, scaling, and restarts. Simplify application updates with native support for rolling, canary and blue/green strategies.

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    Workload Flexibility

    Integrate Nomad into existing workflows with first-class support for both Docker and non-containerized applications. Deploy and manage microservices and run high-throughput batch/analytical workloads on the same cluster.

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    Easy Operations and Scalability

    Simplify operations and enable easy, elastic scalability with Nomad's lightweight architecture. Easily deploy Nomad across regions and cloud providers with built-in federation capabilities.

Why Organizations Use Nomad Enterprise

Nomad Enterprise adds collaboration, operations, and governance capabilities to Nomad.

  • Collaboration

    Enable multiple teams or projects to safely use a single, unified multi-region Nomad deployment.

  • Operations

    Simplify operations, increase performance, and add greater resilience.

  • Governance

    Limit resource consumption across teams. Enforce fine-grained policies on job submission with HashiCorp Sentinel.

Customers That Trust Nomad Enterprise

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Nomad Features

  • Open Source

    Open Source IconRun any application on any infrastructureDownload Free
    • Flexible application deploymentQuestion Mark
    • Rolling upgradesQuestion Mark
    • Multi-region supportQuestion Mark
    • HashiCorp integrationsQuestion Mark
    • Access controlQuestion Mark
    • Web UIQuestion Mark
  • Pro Enterprise

    Pro IconEnable collaboration across teams and simplify operationsRequest Info

    All Open Source features plus

    • NamespacesQuestion Mark
    • Advanced AutopilotQuestion Mark
    • Silver Support: 9x5 support w/ SLA
  • Premium Enterprise

    Premium IconSupports deployment across a large, complex infrastructure with advanced policy and governance featuresRequest Info

    All Pro features plus

    • Resource quotasQuestion Mark
    • Sentinel policy as code frameworkQuestion Mark
    • Gold Support: 24x7 support w/ SLA

Ready to get started?

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