Deploy and manage any app on any cloud. Orchestrate containers, legacy workloads, and batch jobs.

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  • We have people who are first-time system administrators deploying applications, building containers, maintaining Nomad.

    Rob CameronTechnical Director of Cloud Services,
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A faster journey to modern application delivery

Nomad helps organizations to accelerate time-to-value, reduce operational overhead, and maximize infrastructure usage as they modernize their applications and application deployment workflow.

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Accelerate time to value
Increase operational efficiency
Reduce infrastructure cost
  • Accelerate time to value for across your app portfolio

    Reducing deployment time from days to minutes

    Use a single workflow to deploy new and legacy applications across multiple data centers, regions, and clouds.

  • Increase operational efficiency

    Manage 10,000+ nodes with less than 5 SREs

    Serve hundreds of developers with a powerful orchestrator that fits within tight operational budget constraints.

  • Reduce infrastructure cost

    Up to 7x

    Maximize resource utilization and reduce wasteful spending with intelligent workload scheduling, autoscaling, and dynamic application sizing.

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Customer Success Story

100 million monthly
active players globally


Monthly active players globally


Nodes across 20 Nomad clusters on bare metal and AWS


Minutes to deploy an application

Why Nomad

Roblox chose HashiCorp Nomad because of its ease-of-use and operational simplicity.

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Hashicorp Products Used

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<8 minutes to deploy an application globally

~30 minutes to onboard a new developer into deploying applications onto Nomad

Between 150-200% resource utilization — run double the workload on the same hardware

Saved over $10 million in Windows licensing

How Nomad works

HashiCorp Nomad is a simple and flexible workload orchestration system, - an automated way to manage the lifecycle of containerized and non-containerized applications across an entire fleet.

It is designed to natively handle multi-datacenter and multi-region deployments and is cloud-agnostic.

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  • Nomad features adopt


    Adopt a single binary with a small resource footprint for simple container orchestration. Nomad handles deployment and automatically recovers applications from failures.

  • Nomad features build


    Build a single, consolidated workflow for existing applications. Modernize applications incrementally - and at your own pace - to avoid the risk of big-bang refactor.

  • Nomad features standardize


    Standardize on Nomad's single job spec. This enables an organization to run containerized, non containerized, and batch applications through a single workflow.

  • Nomad features innovate


    Innovate with automated service networking. Nomad natively integrates with Consul to provide automated clustering, built-in service discovery, and service mesh for secure service-to-service communications.

Extend Nomad across your IT environment

Nomad enables end-to-end automation with integrations solutions from leading partners in each ecosystem category

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