Bring modern application scheduling to any type of software

Manage containers, binaries, and VMs efficiently in the cloud, on-premises, and across edge environments.

  • Learn Nomad faster than Kubernetes

    Nomad is a flexible application scheduler and orchestrator that’s simple to learn, quick to adopt, and easy to manage.

  • Schedule, deploy, and manage any application workload

    Accelerate service delivery with universal workload orchestration. Nomad handles filesystem isolation, networking, and resource management for containers, binaries, VMs, Java JARs, and more.

  • Increase operational efficiency at a massive scale

    Scale from a single instance to thousands of nodes in a cluster and deploy across private datacenters or multi-cloud environments.

  • Workload management for edge devices

    Manage workloads for edge devices like sensors or microcomputers that aren’t continuously connected to central cloud centers.

  • Integrates with the HashiCorp ecosystem

    First-class integrations with Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Waypoint.

Testimonials for Nomad

  • Nomad proved to be the missing piece to our technology puzzle.

    Jordan Hager

    Q2 Software | VP of Hosting Architecture

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Customer Success Story

At the speed
of sound

10 min

Application rollout time, accelerated from several days


Integrations with connected services


services, containers, and legacy applications orchestrated by Nomad

Why Nomad

Nomad enables Pandora to effortlessly deploy and scale both containerized and non-containerized workloads from a single tool.

Hashicorp Products Used

Automated orchestration of thousands of services on a global scale
Reduced lead time of launching services from days to minutes
Created a standard development workflow across all development teams
Enabled greater self-service capabilities for developers to deploy their services without depending on a systems admin

Extend Nomad across your IT environment

Nomad enables end-to-end automation with integration solutions from leading partners.


Technology integrations


Task drivers for a variety of applications

Get started with Nomad

Nomad is an efficient, easy-to-use application scheduler and orchestrator to manage cloud, on-premises, and edge environments. Get started today.