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The Tao of HashiCorp

The Tao of HashiCorp is the foundation that guides our vision, roadmap, and product design. As you evaluate using or contributing to HashiCorp’s products, it may be valuable to understand the motivations and intentions for our work.

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Develop, deploy, and maintain your application on any infrastructure provider.

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Development environments made easy. Vagrant is the defacto way to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments with support for Virtualbox, VMware, Hyper-V, Docker, and more. Say goodbye to long onboarding times and "works on my machine" excuses.

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Packer is a tool for creating images for platforms such as Amazon AWS, OpenStack, VMware, VirtualBox, Docker, and more — all from a single source configuration.

Common use cases for Packer include creating appliances, pre-baking deployment images, packaging applications, testing configuration management, and more.

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Serf is a lightweight and decentralized solution for cluster membership, failure detection, and orchestration. Serf is used as a building block for highly available systems, such as Consul.

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Consul is a distributed, highly-available, and multi-datacenter aware tool for service discovery, configuration, and orchestration. In the ever-growing datacenter, Consul enables rapid deployment, configuration, and maintenance of service-oriented architectures.

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Terraform allows you to effortlessly combine high-level system providers with your own or with each – from physical and virtual servers to email and DNS providers. Once launched, Terraform safely and efficiently changes infrastructure as the configuration is evolved.

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Atlas provides a unified dashboard and workflow for developing, deploying, and maintaining applications on any public, private, or hybrid infrastructure. Developers and operators have a single unified view to manage and provide visibility for infrastructure.

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We’re hiring and are searching for talented developers, sales, marketing and operators. HashiCorp HQ is located in San Francisco, but work from all over.

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