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No-code provisioning with Terraform

Skills shortage is the biggest barrier to multi-cloud adoption, with one in five companies struggling to fully staff a platform team. Provisioning something immediately useful with Terraform requires familiarity with infrastructure, networking, and HCL-style code-writing — all of which contribute to roadblocks.

In this webinar, learn how no-code provisioning grants end users access to Terraform modules prebuilt by their cloud platform teams. With the ability to provision infrastructure without writing code:

  • Administrators and module publishers can manage a catalog of no-code modules that are ready for users like application developers to deploy directly to workspaces
  • Developers can self-serve infrastructure in the Private Registry using the no-code ready modules without writing HCL


In this tutorial, you'll review a no-code module that complies with our architectural recommendations. Then, you will publish it to your Terraform Cloud private registry and use it to deploy resources. In the process, you'll review the no-code workflow from the perspective of two personas: the module author and the module user.

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Dan Peacock
Dan Peacock

Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp