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InfoSec Global is an international cybersecurity company specializing in cryptography. ISG delivers next-generation enterprise-grade solutions allowing organizations to manage their cryptography from discovering vulnerabilities to updating cryptographic keys and certificates. ISG's expertise and products enable governments and enterprises to futureproof their digital safety and achieve compliance with cryptographic regulations worldwide.

Getting Started with Vault

InfoSec Global’s Crypto Analytics enables organizations to uncover and build a complete inventory of digital secrets that are hidden within their digital footprint. ISG’s Crypto Analytics hunts digital secrets, including cryptographic keys and certificates that are present across a network, stored within a host’s filesystem or hardcoded into applications by developers. The solution assesses the security level of each secret identified and provides comprehensive risk reports. Based on findings, organizations can prioritize their migration to HashiCorp vault and accelerate the transition to complete dynamic secret management.

InfoSec Global Logo