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PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and digital signing solutions. Delivered on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid, products EJBCA and SignServer provide enterprise grade PKI system ready to support various use-cases where digital certificates would be a main enabler.

Getting Started with Vault

HashiCorp Vault includes a built-in Certification Authority (CA), however using that standalone CA creates a separate PKI not connected to the corporate PKI(s). The EJBCA Vault secrets plugin is a drop in replacement of Vault's built-in PKI, that allows you to plug Vault into your issuing CA(s). The plugin enables you to use Vault to issue certificates, just as you would with the Vault built-in CA, but the issuance comes from EJBCA PKI. This is often required in organizations that must meet regulatory or other security requirements.

PrimeKey Logo