12 things a modern secrets management solution must do

Organizations are accumulating and using more secrets than ever before thanks to the rise of distributed applications, short-lived remote connections, and hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. 

With leaked credentials now the most commonly cited security threat, companies need to modernize how they manage sensitive data to avoid secrets sprawl, security breaches, and other costly secrets management mistakes.

From secrets scanning and rotation to seamless backup and recovery, this white paper breaks down the 12 capabilities every secrets management approach must have. We’ll cover how a platform-agnostic secrets manager like HashiCorp Vault gives more precise control over how secrets are stored, tracked, transmitted, accessed, rotated, and revoked — no matter where they’re located. You’ll also learn:

  • Why secrets management matters
  • The 7 stages of the secrets management lifecycle
  • What a modern secrets management system looks like
  • How to build an automated zero trust security model

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