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2024 State of Cloud Strategy: Connecting cloud maturity to business success

In today’s digital landscape, security is a top concern for organizations worldwide. The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is empowering bad actors in unprecedented ways, making robust safeguards against potential threats more crucial than ever.

The risks are real, and breaches are costly. Consequences can include hefty fines, operational downtime, customer loss, and severe reputational damage.

Our fourth annual State of Cloud Strategy Survey, conducted with Forrester Consulting, reveals that organizations with the highest cloud maturity are best positioned to thrive in 2024. They experience:

  • Increased speed for faster deployment and innovation cycles
  • Reduced risk with enhanced security and compliance measures
  • Improved efficiency through streamlined operations and significant cost savings

Download the report for a detailed roadmap enterprises can use to build a mature cloud infrastructure.

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