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3 phases of optimizing cloud and operator spend with Terraform

As organizations move to the cloud, many find that they’re overspending. Infrastructure provisioning and high cloud costs are major hurdles and the ongoing shortage of skilled cloud talent is complex to navigate.

From implementing a platform team and infrastructure as code (IaC) standards to automating policy guardrails, you need systematic management practices in place from the beginning of your cloud adoption journey to successfully reduce waste in your organization.

Download our cloud spend optimization guide now to explore:

  • The causes of waste at each stage of cloud adoption
  • How a platform team and cloud operating model help unify your cloud estate
  • Using a centralized IaC platform like HashiCorp Terraform to improve visibility into cloud spend
  • How to cut costs with automated provisioning, compliance, and management
  • Overcoming skills gaps with practices like no-code provisioning for simple, self-service workflows

For a deeper dive into the topic of cloud and operations cost savings check out our 'Optimizing Cloud Spend with Terraform' webinar series here.

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