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The primary challenge of cloud adoption is that all four core constituents in IT—operations, security, networking, and development teams—must each internalize the implications of the cloud model.

Organizations of all sizes are adopting the cloud operating model for their application workloads. Whether to optimize the costs of running and managing their data centers or to enable development teams to efficiently build the applications of tomorrow, the majority of organizations are interested in the benefits of the cloud model. While early cloud adoption was largely about building new applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), today it is clear that the cloud model is not about just one cloud but the ability to embrace multiple clouds.

Organizations can address these challenges of cloud adoption with tools that provide a consistent workflow to a single, well-scoped concern at each layer of the infrastructure stack. At HashiCorp, we are focused on providing a suite of products that helps organizations address the challenges of each constitutient as they adopt cloud. In this document, we present solutions that help address the technical and organizational challenges of infrastructure automation.

Chapters include:

  • Intro
  • The Challenge
  • Cloud Infrastructure Defined
  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption