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Maybe you've experienced this before: You or your boss are shocked at how expensive your cloud services bill has become. Can you prove that all those cloud instances are being utilized with the greatest possible efficiency?

Do you have a way to tag, organize, and track all of your instances? If you've lost track of some instances that are no longer necessary, you're basically leaving the water running.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are the questions you need to get answers to:

  • What are the sizes of our EC2 instances?
  • Which resources are safe to delete or shut down?
  • Where are our instances running? Are they hiding in an unexpected AWS region?
  • Should we really leave all instances running 24/7? Are we consuming much more than we need?
  • How do we clean up this mess

What you'll learn

Download this article to learn the following: * The top 3 methods for cutting cloud costs * A real example of 3 tactics used to remove unneeded instances * Tools for organizing and tracking your cloud resources with granularity * What "serverless" and AWS Lambda are, and how to deploy a serverless app * What Terraform is * How to deploy our open source ChatOps bot for cleaning up AWS instances * How Terraform and Sentinel can help you prevent overspending