Shift from static to dynamic: Better access management with HashiCorp and AWS

Many organizations still rely on access workflows designed for static credentials. But managing these static, long-lived credentials doesn’t scale well without manual effort and often leads to secret sprawl, complex management of secure user access, and lost productivity for developers. 

Using HashiCorp and AWS together, businesses can more easily adopt effective, dynamic credential management. HashiCorp’s seamless integrations with AWS services provide a streamlined, comprehensive solution that enhances security posture and scalability and supports best practices for credential management in the AWS Cloud.

Download this ebook to learn about common challenges in modern credential management and real-life success stories from customers who secured secrets in the cloud with HashiCorp and AWS.

  • Improve self-service capabilities by ending reliance on static secrets
  • Reduce security challenges with PAM for cloud networks
  • Minimize risk during infrastructure provisioning

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