HashiCorp Speaking Sessions at AWS re:Invent 2023

Missed or want to revisit one of our speaking sessions from re:Invent? Find the recordings for our sessions on PKI workflows, self-service infrastructure, and a service-oriented architecture below.

David Mills and Rob Barnes explain how HCP Vault with AWS Certificate Manager helps your organization’s modern PKI, certificate authority, and certificate management workflows to secure service-to-service communication on Amazon EKS. Using Vault workflows and automation can help you avoid expensive expired-certificate outages and run more efficiently without a lot of manual processes or heroics.

Hear from Dan Barr and Welly Siauw on how platform teams can use Terraform Cloud, HCP Waypoint, and the AWS Service Catalog to create simplified Terraform-based workflows for developers. Modern Terraform modules can incorporate unit testing, built-in security, policy enforcement, and reliable version updates. See how you can use these tools to establish standardized workflows to deploy applications and deliver a smooth and seamless developer experience.

As organizations scale their applications and teams, adopting a service-oriented architecture (SOA) can improve scalability, flexibility, and agility. In this very popular session, Rosemary Wang and J. Cole Morrison walk through a journey from zero to scale and explore when and how an organization should implement SOA. Learn how to set up a multi-account, multi-runtime microservices architecture using Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and Amazon EC2 along with HashiCorp Terraform, Consul, Boundary, and Vault.

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