Network Automation on Terraform Cloud With CTS

This talk demonstrates CTS in action and how Terraform Cloud provides insight into automation.

Consul-Terraform-Sync, a tool for network infrastructure automation as code, is now integrated into the high-scale workflows of Terraform Enterprise and Terraform Cloud. In this session and demo from HashiConf Global 2021 by senior engineers Melissa Kam and Kim Ngo, you'll learn about CTS fundamentals and see it in action.

»The Demo

The demo majority of this talk is a demo broken up into three sections:

»Initial State

A look at the state of Consul and Terraform Cloud running an application before integrating Consul-Terraform-Sync functionality

»Starting CTS

Workspace creation in Terraform Cloud with initial parallel runs of all tasks.

»Running CTS

Adding Notifications and automatically triggering runs in Terraform Cloud by making changes in Consul.

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