Nomad 0.12: Multi-Cluster Federations, CNI, Advanced Scheduling, and More

Watch demos of Nomad 0.12's new features, including: multi-cluster deployment, the Podman task driver, multi-interface networking, and spread scheduling.


  • Erik Veld
    Erik VeldDeveloper Advocate, HashiCorp
  • Tim Gross
    Tim GrossNomad Engineer, HashiCorp

During this webinar, HashiCorp Developer Advocate Erik Veld and HashiCorp Nomad Engineer Tim Gross will focus on providing hands-on demos for some of the most exciting features included in the Nomad 0.12 release. Some of these include: Podman Task Driver to deploy and manage first-class OCI containers as an alternative to Docker, Spread Scheduling to deploy applications across a cluster evenly for greater load distribution, and our breakthrough Multi-Cluster Deployment feature for enterprise customers, which makes Nomad the first and only orchestrator on the market with complete and fully-supported federation capabilities for production.

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