Service Mesh Across Hybrid Infrastructure

Jan 09, 2020

Watch two demos on configuring AWS Cloud Map and HashiCorp Consul to observe services and manage traffic between the cloud and on-prem, and on tracing a request from cloud to on-prem.


  • Rosemary Wang

    Rosemary Wang

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

While most of the IT world has started treating servers at cattle rather than pets, IP addresses in networking are still hardcoded all over the world's infrastructure and are not yet being treated as they should be: like cattle as well.

Service-based networking based on identity rather than IPs is the answer most IT shops are discovering for this problem. In our widespread hybrid infrastructures, where traffic is moving between on-premises datacenters and the cloud, having visibility of services and traffic is critical to help you:

  • Understand costs
  • Troubleshoot requests
  • Secure traffic connections
  • Have resiliency

This presentation from AWS re:Invent 2019 features HashiCorp developer advocate Rosemary Wang. In her talk, she discusses the networking problems associated with this static and dynamic infrastructure convergence, and takes the audience through a demo on how to configure AWS Cloud Map and HashiCorp Consul so that you can observe services and manage traffic between the cloud and an on-premises datacenter (aka. a hybrid cloud or hybrid infrastructure). She'll also demo a request trace from an AWS application to an on-prem database in a common troubleshooting scenario.

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