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Vault Secrets Via API for the REST of Us

Oct 30, 2019

Learn how to access Vault whether you're in a full stateful environment or a minimalist sidecar.


  • John Boero

    John Boero

    Staff Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

In this solutions engineering hangout, HashiCorp solutions engineer John Boero will walk through the basics of managing Vault secrets and accessing REST APIs without having a binary CLI or UI. This talk will include some minimalist hotwired tricks for when you don't even have curl. For example, you might be in a restrictive environment such as a minimalist container.

» Q&A

  • Isn't OpenSSL is more heavy as compared to curl?
  • Are there plans to support file-based secrets?
  • How hard is it to perform the authentication process via REST? This is for the case of getting a token as part of the script as opposed to having one already provisioned.
  • Are you recommending that we should use bash script as the most lightweight option for containers to communicate with Vault?

» Slides

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