Your organization’s secrets for applications and systems need to be stored in a centralized location in order to keep sensitive data secure. But static IP-based solutions don't scale in dynamic environments — or manage the complete secret lifecycle.

  • Increased risk

    Using multiple secrets management tools increases your risk of a breach due to secrets sprawl across different systems, files, and repositories.

  • High operational overhead

    Manually handling secrets management workflows — including deployment, updates, scale, reliability, security, compliance, and support — increases operational overhead and slows your organization down.

  • Manual security management

    Before you can scale your secrets management workflow, you need to be able to manage the complete lifecycle of secrets & sensitive data. This requires advanced capabilities, integrations & support.

Our Solution - HCP Vault Secrets

HCP Vault Secrets centralizes secrets across clouds and machines and manages the full secrets lifecycle.

  • Centralize secrets across clouds and machines

    Reduce the risk of breach by centralizing where secrets are stored while eliminating context switching between multiple solutions.

  • Gain developer flexibility

    Access secrets when and where you need them. Last-mile secret availability for developers keeps secrets centralized in HCP Vault Secrets while syncing secrets to other platforms and tools.

  • Enhance visibility of secret activity across teams

    Get insight into when secrets are modified or accessed with advanced filtering and storing capabilities.

Secret syncing

Sync secrets to platforms and tools across your stack to get secrets when and where you need them.

secret syncing

Secret versioning

Track every change made to a secret over time.


Activity logs

Gain visibility into any updates, access, deletion, or syncing of secrets.


Secret injection

Access and inject the secrets you need for your application at runtime.

secret injection

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