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Anatomy of a Breach

Your organization has just been hacked. It’s up to your team to figure out what happened, how the bad actors were able to access your systems, and how to stop similar incidents from happening in the future.

This white paper will walk you through the post mortem of a fictional company that just experienced a security breach. You’ll get an inside look at five key tactics used by attackers (put in context using examples from real-life breaches) and learn strategies to address each one:

  1. Initial access: An unauthorized user accesses your network
  2. Privilege escalation: They gain higher-level permissions
  3. Credential access: They steal account names and passwords
  4. Lateral movement: They move through your environment
  5. Exfiltration: They steal your data

Download the guide now to learn how layered protection from HashiCorp’s suite of zero trust security solutions helps organizations shrink their attack surface and secure applications, networks, and users.

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