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HashiCorp Cloud Platform

Security Lifecycle Management

How are you mitigating cloud risk?

As your cloud use grows, so does your attack surface. Protect, inspect, and connect the sensitive elements across your cloud infrastructure to reduce credential exposure, enforce least-privileged access, and stop secret sprawl.

Automate identity-based security

Authenticate and authorize every access request


Guard sensitive data across all environments with a central system of record to reduce the risk of credential exposure.

  • Securely store secrets, certificates, and keys

  • Automatically rotate secrets or create just-in-time dynamic credentials for machines and users

  • Define policies for access levels based on machine, user, and service identity

  • Record and audit all access points to sensitive applications


Continuously scan your environment for unsecured sensitive data and keep tabs on privileged access.

  • Scan developer repositories to identify exposed secrets and prioritize remediation based on risk

  • Monitor all privileged access sessions with the option to terminate as needed

  • Centralize a directory of services and their health statuses with multi-cloud and multi-platform registries


Enforce least-privileged access based on trusted identities without exposing your network.

  • Authenticate and authorize every request for machine-to-machine, human-to-machine, and service-to-service access

  • Integrate with your preferred identity access management active directory providers for authentication

  • Limit machine, application, and service access based on policies and roles


Secure your credentials for secrets, certificates, keys, and more

HashiCorp Vault helps platform and security teams eliminate secret sprawl by discovering secrets with HCP Vault Radar, and then centrally storing, accessing, rotating, and distributing dynamic secrets such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.

  • Identity-based securityUse trusted identities to automate access to secrets, data, and applications.
  • Security system of recordCentrally store and protect secrets across clouds and applications.
  • Lifecycle managementGain a complete view of your credentials for proper oversight, rotation, and expiry.

Standardize secure remote access

Built for cloud, modern privileged access management from HashiCorp Boundary uses identity-driven controls to secure user access across dynamic environments.

  • Service-based authorizationUse trusted identity to enforce least-privileged service access based on user roles.
  • Automated workflowsManage access for end users and administrators with passwordless credential injection and automated target discovery.
  • Reduce risk exposureReplace long-lived credentials with dynamic secrets and just-in-time credentials using Vault.

Service networking to discover and securely connect your services

HashiCorp Consul provides identity-based service networking for service discovery, secure communication, and network automation across multiple cloud and runtime environments.

  • Multi-platform service discoveryCreate a source of truth and real-time directory for tracking and routing services.
  • Global service mesh and API gatewaySecure service-to-service connectivity and centralize traffic management.
  • Networking infrastructure automationReduce misconfigurations and manual ticketing for dynamic IPs.

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